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Welcome to The Warrior Wiki, the unofficial wiki for all things related to the University of Waterloo's history.

Here you'll find the history behind nearly everything on campus, from the Dana Porter Library, to Triad, to The Great Water Tower Caper.

Just to be extra clear: This is in not in any way related to UW administration. It is not officially endorsed, and is related to the university only in its content.

The Warrior Wiki is administered by a group of students and alumni, and anyone can contribute to, or edit, the content.

We're just starting out, so our knowledge of things can be pretty sparse. Feel free to login in and add your UW history and trivia. Just make sure to please read our Contributing Guidelines before editing any pages.

Have other questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Still have concerns? Drop us a line on the forums or at

Recent News


Several weeks ago, our automated backup script was interrupted and as a result the wiki was left in a locked maintenance mode.

No users could edit or upload pages to the wiki during this time.

Fortunately, several users sent us emails letting us know the issue had occurred, and we have successfully brought the wiki back into full operational mode.

Sorry for the interruption, and we'll be watching more closely for this sort of incident in the future.

Thanks to all who let us know of this issue and hopefully it won't happen again.

Happy Contributing!

Imprint Archives integrated into The Warrior Wiki

Searches on The Warrior Wiki now also query the Imprint Archives.

Hot on the heels of The Warrior Wiki opening up Imprint Publication's Archives to the internet, this change will make it easier for contributors who are beginning their research into a topic.

Whenever a search is done on The Warrior Wiki that would return fewer than 10 matches, the Imprint Archives is also searched, and the results displayed in the search page.

Check it out by doing a search.

Happy Searching!

Full-Text Imprint Archives Search

An Announcement!

The Warrior Wiki is pleased to announce the release of a tool that makes researching topics easier and more enjoyable.

The launch of the new Imprint Archives ( site allows for anyone to perform a full text search of the entirety of Imprint Publications' archives. Simply enter your search term as you would in Google (or Bing), and all the knowledge of 55 years of campus life is immediately available to you.

Everything from UW's humble journalist beginnings under 'The Cord' as part of Laurier, through the communist Chevron, to last week's Imprint, is available to browse 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.


The Project

This is a project that The Warrior Wiki volunteers have been working on, in partnership with Imprint Publications, since August 2012. After The Warrior Wiki launched, it became immediately obvious that access to historical materials was very limited. Up until now, in order to research a topic, volunteers had to go the Dana Porter Library's rare book room during its prohibitive hours and manually flip through the volumes in hopes of finding relevant information. The materials can not be taken out for reading outside of the hours, and checking references to source material was time consuming.

This project is the first step towards making the research easy. The information contained in Imprint's archives is extensive, and has a different focus from the official histories of the administration. As well as the big events and triumphs, it presents the student side of UW history, with all the ups and downs they experienced throughout the years.


We wish to thank Brent Golem, Ron Kielstra, Richard Ye, and the Imprint Board of Directors for allowing The Warrior Wiki to carry out this project.

Just the Beginning

We at The Warrior Wiki strive to make UW's history more accessible. Having access to Imprint's archives makes it easier for contributors to research, and learn about, topics of UW's history. In the future, we hope to work with the other publications on campus to extend the archives, creating an even more complete record. We hope you enjoy the archives, and the wonderful historical treasures it contains.

Happy Searching!

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