Dominatrix and Fetish Club

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Dominatrix and Fetish Club
Parent Organization Federation of Students
Current Status Defunct
Notes The club was never active.

Dominatrix and Fetish Club (D&F) was an attempt at starting a "safe haven for those with alternative interests", such as sexual Bondage, Domination, and Sadomasochism (BDSM).[1]


The idea for the club was developed by then-student Steve Livermore in Fall 2009. The club application to the Federation of Students was met with special requests to get approval from both Health Services and Police Services. The club received approval from both, and was approved as a Feds club for Fall 2010. It should be noted that this process took 1.5 terms versus the typical Feds clubs application time of a few days. The club never operated, since Livermore and the other club's executives had "moved onto different endeavours and [had] too much on their academic plate to successfully develop the club."[2]


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